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Want to borrow money through P2P lending? You should know the ins and outs of the advantages, disadvantages, systems, and ways of applying here!

Applying for a fast online loan is no longer a strange thing to do since today’s fast online lending is popular among the public. Online lending is quickly popular because it is easy to do anywhere and at any time without having to leave the house and queue to apply for a loan at a specific bank or financial institution.

In addition, fast online loans have terms and documents that are very easy to fill. Typically the required documents are only 21 years old, have permanent employment, have a personal savings account, ID (Resident Card), NPWP (Taxpayer Identification Number), original payslip or income statement, and newspaper or book copy savings. In fast online loans, there are no credit card ownership requirements as most credit card lenders offer. This is also why online lending is becoming more and more popular.

Fast Online Loan Through Good Finance

Fast Online Loan Through Good Finance

Unlike bank-only credit loans, these fast online loans are provided by Good Finance companies. Good Finance is an online money lending company that can lend you enough by simply applying online through a website or app. In general, Indonesia ‘s Good Finance is divided into four parts:

Good Finance Payment, Clearing, and Settlement

First there is a Good Finance payment, clearing, and settlement providing payment system services but you can only use this Good Finance service to buy certain items, for example gadgets, electronics, and so on. The system of Good Finance payment is that they will pay in advance for the goods you want to buy and you will then have to pay the monthly installments along with interest on the Good Finance payment for the agreed period.

Good Finance Risk and Investment

Then there is Good Finance risk and investment that is solely for investment and insurance services. In fact, they are a financial planner who can help you determine which investments and insurance match your current financial needs and circumstances. The Good Finance company with the most popular type of risk and investment in Indonesia is CheckPremi.

Good Finance Market Aggregator

Good Finance market aggregator is a Good Finance whose concept is collecting and processing data on financial products available at various banks, such as deposits, unsecured credit lending, multipurpose credit, credit card, motor vehicle credit, home ownership credit, and more. The purpose of having a Good Finance market aggregator is to get you the best deals from various banks without having to come to the branch office directly.

Good Finance P2P Lending

As for Good Finance, P2P lending has become the most popular type of Good Finance as its system provides fast online lending to people in need of immediate funds. Named fast online lending because the process of disbursement takes only a very short amount of time, on average Good Finance P2P lending can melt your loan funds in just 1-7 days. One of the Good Finance companies with P2P lending systems is Good Credit who can lend from $ 1 million to $ 20 million with a maximum tenor of up to 180 days.

Advantages of Good Finance P2P Lending

Advantages of Good Finance P2P Lending

Before you apply for a fast online loan through Good Finance P2P lending , it’s a good idea to first understand what the advantages and disadvantages of these fast online loans are:

  • Loan Funds Can Be Liquidated

The most noticeable advantage is that these fast online loans can be easily liquidated on a daily basis. Some of these P2P lending companies are also able to liquidate their funds in just a matter of hours. Usually when the requirements document is complete and verified successfully, your loan will be liquidated quickly.

  • Documents Required Less

For these documents the requirements of a fast online loan are much less than other types of Good Finance. Examples are just like the documents that Good Credit required.

  • Application System is Slick and Easy to Understand

Although the name of the online loan is fast, but the application system for Good Finance P2P lending is not sluggish. The average type of P2P lending Good Finance lending uses an application system that you can download through PlayStore or AppStore. After downloading the Good Finance P2P lending application, you just have to register and login. If so, you should upload the terms of the document you have provided and only choose the loan amount and the installment period.

Secure Tips on Applying for a Fast P2P Lending Online Loan

Secure Tips on Applying for a Fast P2P Lending Online Loan

Now you know how bad a fast P2P lending online loan is. Since these fast loans are made online , you need to be extra careful when applying because they are vulnerable to online fraud. How do we know if our fast online loan is safe? The main way you have to do is make sure in advance whether the loan fast online P2P lending you choose is already registered in the FSA (Financial Services Authority). With the registration of a P2P lending company in OJK, all of its activities and activities will be monitored so that when things go wrong, you can file a report immediately.

In addition to being registered with the OJK, you should also pay attention to the prescribed interest rate and interest rate system. Whether using a flat or floating floral counting system. Also, be sure to always read the terms and conditions that apply in detail, ranging from administrative fees, early settlement fees, and more. If there are any misunderstandings, ask your customer service directly. Remember, if you decide to apply for a fast online loan through P2P lending , then make sure you have funds that can be set aside each month to pay the installment.

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