Get to Know Loans Online Fast P2P Lending that is Safe and Reliable, Beware of Scams!

Want to borrow money through P2P lending? You should know the ins and outs of the advantages, disadvantages, systems, and ways of applying here!

Applying for a fast online loan is no longer a strange thing to do since today’s fast online lending is popular among the public. Online lending is quickly popular because it is easy to do anywhere and at any time without having to leave the house and queue to apply for a loan at a specific bank or financial institution.

In addition, fast online loans have terms and documents that are very easy to fill. Typically the required documents are only 21 years old, have permanent employment, have a personal savings account, ID (Resident Card), NPWP (Taxpayer Identification Number), original payslip or income statement, and newspaper or book copy savings. In fast online loans, there are no credit card ownership requirements as most credit card lenders offer. This is also why online lending is becoming more and more popular.

Fast Online Loan Through Good Finance

Fast Online Loan Through Good Finance

Unlike bank-only credit loans, these fast online loans are provided by Good Finance companies. Good Finance is an online money lending company that can lend you enough by simply applying online through a website or app. In general, Indonesia ‘s Good Finance is divided into four parts:

Good Finance Payment, Clearing, and Settlement

First there is a Good Finance payment, clearing, and settlement providing payment system services but you can only use this Good Finance service to buy certain items, for example gadgets, electronics, and so on. The system of Good Finance payment is that they will pay in advance for the goods you want to buy and you will then have to pay the monthly installments along with interest on the Good Finance payment for the agreed period.

Good Finance Risk and Investment

Then there is Good Finance risk and investment that is solely for investment and insurance services. In fact, they are a financial planner who can help you determine which investments and insurance match your current financial needs and circumstances. The Good Finance company with the most popular type of risk and investment in Indonesia is CheckPremi.

Good Finance Market Aggregator

Good Finance market aggregator is a Good Finance whose concept is collecting and processing data on financial products available at various banks, such as deposits, unsecured credit lending, multipurpose credit, credit card, motor vehicle credit, home ownership credit, and more. The purpose of having a Good Finance market aggregator is to get you the best deals from various banks without having to come to the branch office directly.

Good Finance P2P Lending

As for Good Finance, P2P lending has become the most popular type of Good Finance as its system provides fast online lending to people in need of immediate funds. Named fast online lending because the process of disbursement takes only a very short amount of time, on average Good Finance P2P lending can melt your loan funds in just 1-7 days. One of the Good Finance companies with P2P lending systems is Good Credit who can lend from $ 1 million to $ 20 million with a maximum tenor of up to 180 days.

Advantages of Good Finance P2P Lending

Advantages of Good Finance P2P Lending

Before you apply for a fast online loan through Good Finance P2P lending , it’s a good idea to first understand what the advantages and disadvantages of these fast online loans are:

  • Loan Funds Can Be Liquidated

The most noticeable advantage is that these fast online loans can be easily liquidated on a daily basis. Some of these P2P lending companies are also able to liquidate their funds in just a matter of hours. Usually when the requirements document is complete and verified successfully, your loan will be liquidated quickly.

  • Documents Required Less

For these documents the requirements of a fast online loan are much less than other types of Good Finance. Examples are just like the documents that Good Credit required.

  • Application System is Slick and Easy to Understand

Although the name of the online loan is fast, but the application system for Good Finance P2P lending is not sluggish. The average type of P2P lending Good Finance lending uses an application system that you can download through PlayStore or AppStore. After downloading the Good Finance P2P lending application, you just have to register and login. If so, you should upload the terms of the document you have provided and only choose the loan amount and the installment period.

Secure Tips on Applying for a Fast P2P Lending Online Loan

Secure Tips on Applying for a Fast P2P Lending Online Loan

Now you know how bad a fast P2P lending online loan is. Since these fast loans are made online , you need to be extra careful when applying because they are vulnerable to online fraud. How do we know if our fast online loan is safe? The main way you have to do is make sure in advance whether the loan fast online P2P lending you choose is already registered in the FSA (Financial Services Authority). With the registration of a P2P lending company in OJK, all of its activities and activities will be monitored so that when things go wrong, you can file a report immediately.

In addition to being registered with the OJK, you should also pay attention to the prescribed interest rate and interest rate system. Whether using a flat or floating floral counting system. Also, be sure to always read the terms and conditions that apply in detail, ranging from administrative fees, early settlement fees, and more. If there are any misunderstandings, ask your customer service directly. Remember, if you decide to apply for a fast online loan through P2P lending , then make sure you have funds that can be set aside each month to pay the installment.

Fast Cash Loans Are Increasingly Hunted

Ahead of the holiday celebration, more and more Indonesian people are lending fast cash loans. Exactly what is the reason they applied for the loan before the feast? Let’s see what the heaviest reasons are!

The month of Ramadan is a month when Muslims are obliged to fast for a full month which is to be closed with the celebration of Eid or better known as the holiday. By the time of this holiday celebration or about a week before, usually, production will have doubled. This is because the moment that comes only once a year does not want to be missed so few people are finally forced to lend a fast cash loan ahead of the holiday.

Reasons People Offer a Fast Cash Loan Over the Holidays

Reasons People Offer a Fast Cash Loan Over the Holidays

Aside from the one-time-only reason for the year, there are other reasons why people may lend a quick cash loan ahead of time, which is:

  • Want to Buy a Vehicle Ticket

The first reason is that you want to buy a vehicle ticket for the holiday. Since fraternity has become a tradition, frugality will never be forgotten by the Indonesian community. Of course, from far and away you have to book and pay for tickets in advance if you are going to use public transport such as trains, buses, airplanes, and ships.

If you buy on the day of departure, then you can be sure that you will not be able to get the tickets because these tickets must have sold out. Therefore, rather than having no tickets available, people will usually apply for a fast cash loan so they can buy tickets.

  • THR Not Down

The second reason is that the THR (Hari Raya allowance) has not dropped yet. In Indonesia, there is a special holiday allowance for employees, whether private or civil servants. These THRs are provided so that you can meet the needs of the holiday such as buying dry cakes, pastries, Muslim clothes, prayer equipment, and more.

If you wait for THR to go down, then the time to spend on need lifting will not be enough. Therefore, those who are not liquid THR will choose to lend it unconditionally. For this reason, usually, the installment debt will be repaid as soon as the THR funds go down.

  • Holiday Business Capital

The next reason is that you want to make unsecured fast cash loans as a broad business capital. Yup, the loans they applied for were intended to be opened for business just in time for the month of Ramadan, especially with the holidays, so the business sector could profit many times over.

The most business-friendly business is the bakery, parcel or delivery, Muslim clothes, prayer equipment, car rentals, pet care, and cleaning services. With a capital injection from a fast cash loan, the business runs smoothly and from the profits, you can capitalize on your need for money so that you will not run out of money due to the extra income of the business.

  • Fix Vehicles for Toddlers

As mentioned above, Indonesian society cannot escape the tradition of music. If they do not go by public transport, they will definitely go by private vehicle. But in order to go public with a private vehicle, you must make sure your vehicle is safe to use during the commute.

So don’t want to make sure your vehicle gets into the workshop first and will definitely spend less money on it. Especially if the type of vehicle you are going to bring is a private car. Of course, all parts should be checked and repaired in case of minor damage so that the trip to the freeway can be safely controlled.

  • The Cost of the Holocaust Needs

Another reason people apply for a fast cash loan is that it covers the cost of a broad daylight saving. Remember, the cost of this holiday is not just about transportation. But when you decide to go for it, there are definitely needs to go along with it.

Take for example the cost of eating out on the go, the cost of buying snacks, and the cost of living in your hometown such as holiday greetings and traveling expenses with your family during the holiday season. Although it may seem trivial, just keep in mind, people who go out in the open are certainly more comfortable in their pockets than those who do not know how to celebrate the holiday at home.

Is It Offerable for a Quick Cash Loan Over the Holidays?

Is It Offerable for a Quick Cash Loan Over the Holidays?

After looking at the various reasons above, we wonder if it is safe to apply for this fast cash loan ahead of the holiday. Doesn’t a loan like this fall into consumer debt to avoid? In fact, the reason for fast cash lending is above all in consumer demand except for lending for broad business capital.

Then shouldn’t we apply for a fast cash loan? Applying for any type of loan is actually allowed as long as you have the commitment to pay off the loan installment loan on time. Applying for a fast cash loan is also allowed as long as you have a fixed monthly income so you can use the funds to pay off the debt. So if you have no income, don’t try to apply for a loan!

Take Easy Liquid Online Cash Loans

Take Easy Liquid Online Cash Loans

Then where can we get a quick cash loan? You can apply for a loan through Good Credit online loan application which is already listed in the FSA since 2017. There are two types of online loans granted by Good Credit, Short-Term Loans, and Installment Loans.

Short-term loans are divided into two loan Sakti and Fast Loans provide loans ranging from $ 500 to $ 5 million with a 10-30 day installment period. As for the loan, the installment is also divided into two loans and loan Premier Way + + which provides loans ranging from USD 4 million to USD 20 million with maturities of installments ranging from 3-6 months.

  • Download the Good Credit app on the PlayStore or AppStore
  • Sign up and complete the data
  • After successfully registering, log in
  • Fill out the desired loan amount and tenor term
  • Click start applying

Now you just have to wait for your loan to be processed by Good Credit. If the personal data provided and the documents are complete, the funds can be liquid in just a few days. Liquid funds will be transferred directly to your local bank account which you have previously provided.

Unsecured Loans as a Solution to Open a New Business

In starting a new business for small, medium, or large businesses, of course, requires capital in the appropriate amount to the type of business to be managed. It is undeniable that the issue of venture capital is one of the obstacles in opening a new business. Capital with a loan without collateral may be a solution, but you might still think of applying for a loan to the bank but you do not have valuable assets that can be used as collateral for your loan. Although capital is not the only thing that must be met when opening a new business, but the role of capital is certainly very crucial in addition to the determination, enthusiasm, and hard work to be able to manage the business well to achieve success.

Many people have stopped their desire to open a new business because they are constrained by the capital needed. When you also find the same problem, you can consider applying for loan funds without collateral or collateral so that even if you do not have assets or valuable assets that can be used as collateral for loans, you can still submit the loan application you need. If you have difficulty applying for a loan at a bank due to a number of complicated terms and conditions, you might consider applying for a loan from another financial institution. There are several alternatives in getting loan funds without collateral that can be an option.


You can borrow from friends or family

You can borrow from friends or family

When you need additional capital but you are constrained by the lack of assets that are used as collateral, you can apply for a loan to your family and close friends. Many people may feel lazy or reluctant when they have to borrow money from those closest to them. However, if possible, there’s nothing wrong if you try this way. You can express your desire to open a new business. You can explain what type of business you will develop. You can articulate your plan well, in detail, and clearly. If the business prospects you will manage turn out to be good, you might get a loan from people closest to you as capital to open a business. When you feel reluctant,


Another way to get a loan without collateral

Another way to get a loan without collateral

It is to submit a loan application to the cooperative, especially for those of you who work as government employees, company employees, or others who do have a cooperative cooperative body. Through the cooperative, you can apply for any loan you need to open a new business without collateral. The requirements and the process of applying for a loan to the cooperative are also fairly easy and fast because you are part of the cooperative’s members. Although the way and process of applying for a loan to a cooperative is quite easy, you should also be able to wisely use the loan funds for businesses that you will manage well.

If you are constrained to get a loan without collateral from relatives or cooperatives, you can consider applying for a loan without collateral to a financial institution. You can apply for a KTA or credit without collateral. The process and requirements for applying for KTA are also fairly easy and fast. However, you should also understand that KTA usually has a high enough interest rate that must be borne by the borrower and may even be higher than the interest rate charged on loans that use collateral. You can compare the KTA facilities from one financial institution to another to get an unsecured credit program that is easy to process, low interest rates, and a long enough repayment limit so that you can pay your loan installments more comfortably and lightly.


Plan to apply for a loan without collateral

Plan to apply for a loan without collateral

to anyone or any institution, you should consider everything carefully. You see and review whether the new business that you will open and manage has good prospects going forward and makes a profit that is at least proportional to the large amount of installments you have to pay each month. Although applying for a loan without collateral to a cooperative or a KTA requires easy terms and a fast process, you must also think about how you repay the loan later so that you don’t have to get into debt.